VIDEO : Asim Riaz Stops to meet Fans after they Chase him for 20 KMs

Colors TV’s Bigg Boss 13 has ended but the craziness related to the same isnโ€™t ending anytime soon. Asim Riaz was new to everyone and can be termed as the least known from the lot but he was one of the most popular and trending contestant undoubtedly.

Asimโ€™s journey in the show was remarkable. He gained immense popularity throughout the show. While it was suspected that he might get evicted from the show in the first few weeks, he emerged as the runner-up of the show.

Moreover, After Sidharth Shukla was declared the winner of the show, there was an uproar on social media among the fans claiming that the show is biased.

Asim Riaz might have lost the trophy but has won millions of fans.

Recently, while Asim was on his way to an event, two youngsters got a glimpse of him from the car. They followed his car for about 20 kilometers after which Asim might have realised someone following him and hence he stopped the car to meet the boys.

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The fans were left awestruck and spell-bound seeing their idol in front of them.