Zain Imam REFUSES to Participate in Bigg Boss 14, Here’s why

Now it is CONFIRMED that Zain Imam is not going inside Bigg Boss 14 house and has refused to do the show. Here's why he refused Bigg Boss 14. Read more.
Zain Imam REFUSES to Participate in Bigg Boss 14, Here's why

Salman Khan‘s popular reality TV show Bigg Boss is all set to entertain its audience from October. The fans are excited as their favorite show is making its way back with another season of Bigg Boss. This year’s Bigg Boss is also known as Bigg Boss 2020.

Many speculations are have been made and are being made about who all will be the participants this year and what will be the theme of Bigg Boss 14. Recently, it was reported that Zain Imam was approached for Bigg Boss 2020 but the actor refused the offer. Talking to ETimes TV, Zain confirmed refusing the show and shared why he’s not doing Bigg Boss 14.

In conversation with the portal, Zain confirmed and said, “Yes, that’s right, I decided to not do Bigg Boss 14.” He further added that it is not the right time for him to do Bigg Boss and he’s concentrating on bigger and better projects.

He was questioned during the interview if he would be comfortable with the camera recording his every move and controversies that make round around the show. Zain replied to the question and said, “I am not comfortable with the idea of getting into Bigg Boss. I love cameras and it doesn’t matter if 100 cameras are on me for the right purpose.” He said that it’s just that personally and he doesn’t like unnecessary controversies just to garner TRP.

The portal quoted a source saying that Zain had informed the channel that he’s not up for this season of Bigg Boss.

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