Tik Tok Star Shadab Khan sends Legal Defamation Notice to Ex Girlfriend Muskan Sharma

Social Media Influencer Shadab Khan, who enjoys a massive following on Instagram and Youtube has been in the news for quite some time now after his ex-girlfriend Muskan Sharma accused him of ‘double dating’ her. Shadab, who had over 11M followers on the now-banned infamous ‘Tik Tok’ app, is now married to his friend Shalini Suryavanshi. Shadab has now sent a defamation notice to Muskan and has made serious accusations against her.

It all started after Muskan Sharma, who herself is a social media influencer, posted videos in which she accused Shadab of double dating her. Now reacting to the same, Shadab Khan has sent a 1 crore damages legal defamation notice to Muskan, and she has been given 14 days time to comply with conditions including tender Apology on all social media, as per the notice.

Muskan Sharma has been informed about the same by Shadab Khan’s advocate Celebrity Lawyer Ali Kaashif Khan Deshmukh.

A Copy of the defamation Notice

Talking about the same, Ali Kaashif Khan Deshmukh EXCLUSIVELY told us “Dating is not the issue, the real issue is that a person is defaming someone to garner publicity which is evident from the fact that she has spiked the social media battle against him and has garnered an immense number of followers and views through which she is earning her finance all by using his name and playing the victim card. She has suppressed the very fact of how she has blackmailed and extorted 5,70,000 from my client Shadab Khan.”

Ali further alleged that Muskan has even failed to return him (Shadab) the diamond rings and other gifts back which were gifted by him, despite having an agreement filed.

When we contacted Shadab to ask about the same, He confirmed sending a defamation notice to Muskan Sharma but denied to comment further.

We tried reaching out to Muskan Sharma for a comment on the same but she remained unavailable on call and didn’t reply on text till the time of publishing this article.

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