Shweta Tiwari Confirms Testing Positive for COVID19

'Mere Dad ki Dulhan' actress Shweta Tiwari has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The actress has confirmed being test positive for COVID-19.
Shweta Tiwari tests positive for COVID19

Coronavirus aka COVID-19 has been making headlines since the beginning of this year. It seems like it is in no mood to go away anytime soon. However, many actors were infected by the virus and have recovered now. Since morning, there are reports making rounds about Shweta Tiwari being tested positive for the COVID-19.

The actress has confirmed about testing positive for the virus. In conversation with ETimes TV, she confirmed the news. On being contacted by the portal, the actress confirmed, “Yes, I have tested positive for COVID-19.”

Talking further she revealed how it all started, she said, “I developed a cough on September 16. Tony and Deeya said the sequence of marriage with Varun was very important and even otherwise, I felt I should not take any chances. I headed to get myself tested.”

On being asked how is she managing now, the actress said that she has sufficient rooms and has quarantined herself. Her daughter Palak  is also very particular about social distancing as it’s a tough time. “Even on the sets, it’s so difficult to shoot. It’s so edgy at times. When will we come out of this pandemic?” the actress told the portal.

Shweta’s son Reyansh is currently with his father Abhinav Shukla and the actress added that as a matter of fact, she’s drinking lots of hot water essentially and reading a lot. Sharing more, she said, “I had symptoms for the first three days. I got tested on September 17. But now I am okay. I have to quarantine myself till October at least. My next test will happen on September 27.”

Shweta was doing a show ‘Mere Dad ki Dulhan’ before she got tested positive for the virus and will be resuming the shoots from October 2 hopefully, if she tests negative.