Salman Khan is Charging This Whopping Amount for Bigg Boss 14

Like every year, Salman Khan will be seen again hosting Bigg Boss season 14 aka Bigg Boss 2020. It is revealed that Salman Khan will be charging a whopping amount.
Salman Khan is Charging This Whopping Amount for Bigg Boss 14
Image source: ColorsTV Twitter

Salman Khan‘s popular reality TV show Bigg Boss is all set to entertain its audience from October. The fans are excited as their favorite show is making its way back with another season of Bigg Boss. This year’s Bigg Boss is also known as Bigg Boss 2020.

The audience is all ready to watch the fun tasks, drama fights on the show, and especially Salman Khan on weekends. Weekend Ka Vaar is what makes the audience more excited as Salman entertains them with his show hosting skills. But apart from that, the audience is always interested in knowing how much amount Salman Khan will be charging for Bigg Boss.

The remuneration details of Salman Khan always make its way to headlines. Now Bollywood Hungama’s reports have revealed a shocking detail. According to the reports, Salman Khan is charging a whopping amount of Rs.250 Crores for the entire season. The portal quoted a source close to the development, “Salman Khan is the highest-paid actor on the small screen and for season 14, he is being paid Rs 250 crore.”

The source further revealed that the actor will be shooting once a week, two episodes a day, for 12 weeks and the amount per day of the shoot is as high as Rs. 20.50 crore, which averages to Rs. 10.25 crore per episode.

The same source also added details about the Bigg Boss house which is being built in the film city but due to heavy rains in Mumbai, it is being disrupted.

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