Pratik Sehajpal Opens Up about His relationship with Pavitra Punia

Actor-Model Pratik Sehajpal, who was the ex-boyfriend of Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pavitra Punia, has now opened up about her contradicting her statement about him.
Pratik Sehajpal Opens Up about His relationship with Pavitra Punia

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pavitra Punia has been in the news since the time she has entered the show. Not only for her performance and behavior in the show but also for her past relationships with actor Paras Chhabra and Pratik Sehajpal.

Now, recently Pavitra told Jasmin Bhasin recounting what she had told her ex-boyfriend, Pratik Sehajpal, “You’re not of that age now, you need to focus a lot on your career.” Now, Pratik Sehajpal, who is an actor-model and was even seen in MTV Love School, Season 3, has opened up about his relationship with Pavitra.

In conversation with ETimes TV, Pratik shared that his relationship with Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pavitra Punia was good till the time clashes between the two popped up. He revealed that they used to have fights and one of the major fights between the two happened when the actor-model was offered a role where he had to do a bold scene with his female co-star.

He said, “These bold scenes have become so common in today’s times and I am here to make my career. But trust me, I had refused the role and even told Pavitra about me turning it down.” But somehow, Pavitra still fought with him on that, he told the portal. He continued saying that he’s not saying that her perspective was wrong in this but maybe it happens in love if one partner is too possessive.

On being asked about what Pavitra has stated earlier that he’s too aggressive and had punched the wall once, to which he replied, “Look, I am not denying that I am aggressive. But Pavitra too is. I think when two such aggressive people meet, there’s going to be an explosion. I remember she threw and broke a few things in her house- flower vase, table- when we quarreled once at her house.”

He added further that to vent out his frustration, he had punched the wall and his hand had started bleeding then. Pratik talked about another major fight as well when he decided to take a short break and visit his family. But when he came back, he shared that Pratik and Pavitra met one evening at her place and then she had told him that it’s not happening and the two should part their ways.

Contradicting Pavitra’s statement which she told Jasmin in the Bigg Boss house, he said, “And let me tell you that at that time, she didn’t tell me that she wanted to break-up with me because my career was suffering because of her.”

He also talked about the reports which were floating earlier that the two were in a live-in relationship to which he clearly denied and said that he had stayed over her place a few times but were never in a live-in with her or anybody.

Pratik shared different incidents of the time when he was dating Pavitra and talked about her. He also mentioned that the two equally invested in their relationship but fights between them were not just one but many.

On being asked if he’ll be going to Bigg Boss 14, to which he said that nothing is decided yet. In the end, he concluded by ruling out the reconciliation with Pavitra and said that they have hardly spoken after their break-up and he doesn’t think it is possible.

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