Paras Chhabra’s message to the people involved in getting his song leaked online “Isse acha khud ke liye kuch karlo aage jaaoge”

Recently, Bigg Boss 13 fame Paras Chhabra’s upcoming song ‘Chodd Do Aanchal’ got leaked on the Internet surprisingly and it has become very difficult for the makers to fathom the fact.

Paras, who is an integral part of the song, retorted at the mischief-mongers and urged them to stop doing such heinous acts in the future, “Stop indulging in such illegal acts, this won’t make you reach anywhere. Isse acha khud ke liye kuch karlo aage jaaoge.”

The entire entertainment industry has been taken by a storm ever since COVID-19 has hit our country. And on top of that when a tragedy like piracy or leaking of the content occurs it makes it worse for the ones involved in the project.

Lastly, the actor also empathized with the producers who had to face huge financial loss in these times when already the economical status of every individual of this country is into jeopardy, He said “To be honest the video leak didn’t affect me much as my work was to shoot and it was done and I had got paid for it already but I feel bad for the producers and the team as it’s a loss for them. They had worked really hard for it. Shooting in such difficult times isn’t easy.”

The song is a remake of the old retro song. Shedding more light on the same, Paras explains “you have already heard it and even my look is very unique, you guys are going to love the whole song once it is out.”