Paras Chhabra Threatens to EXPOSE Pavitra Punia by Leaking Her Chats

As per Spotboye Report, Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra threatens to expose actress and Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pavitra Punia, by leaking her chats.
Paras Chhabra Threatens to EXPOSE Pavitra Punia by Leaking Her Chats

Bigg Boss 14‘s contestant Pavitra Punia has already emerged as one of the strong contestants of this season and the fights in the house have also started getting heated up in the first week only. While Pavitra is fighting for herself in the show, there’s another war of words that has taken place outside the Bigg Boss house in the real world.

Before entering the show, Pavitra in one of her interviews had stated that Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra is a piece of shit and she regrets her relationship with the actor. However, Paras had also reacted to the actress’ comment on him and had revealed that Pavitra was already married when she was dating Paras. Reacting to her comment, Paras’s friend Mahira has also supported him in one of her interviews and had claimed that during the shoot of Naagin 3, Pavitra was dating Paras as well as someone else.

Now, Paras Chhabra in another interview with Spotboye has threatened to leak chats of Pavitra Punia. Talking about Pavitra on Bigg Boss 14, he said that he feels whatever she is trying to do by defaming him is an exceptionally desperate stunt to gain publicity, and such cheap publicity stunts won’t do any harm to his image. “She’s only exposing her dirty lie games to the audience,” Paras told the portal.

Pavitra in her interview had also warned Paras to not enter the show as it will be shame on him if he does, reacting on the same the actor stated, “She has attempted this atrocious stunt in the past. Her need and want to be in the news is getting out of hand.”

He further added that entering the show or not, is his personal decision and if he at all enters the show, then he will make sure that he exposes her and her vicious lies. He also mentioned, “See if her team doesn’t stop with this nonsense, chats with Pavitra of my friends will be leaked, maybe that will shut their mouth. Trust me if I do that, her career and her image both will never see the light of the day.”

In the end, he talked about Mahira and said that she has stood by him through thick and thin. Mahira was also Pavitra’s good friend during Naagin 3 and she was aware of the marriage of Pavitra and her relationships with 2 men at the same time.