Gavie Chahal gets Eliminated even before entering Bigg Boss 14, Here’s why !

Here's why Gavie Chahal got eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 before entering the house!

As the days are passing by, so the excitement for another season of Bigg Boss is increasing. Fans are excited to watch the new participants coming in season 14 and what all twists and turns the makers have prepared for Bigg Boss 14 aka Bigg Boss 2020.

Bigg Boss 14 aka Bigg Boss 2020 is being offered to many celebrities from different industries to make this season interesting like every other season of Bigg Boss. After speculations of many other actors, Gavie Chahal was also offered the reality show and negotiations were taking place.

But before anything could’ve finalized, Gavie had to exit the show without even entering the Bigg Boss house. As reported by India Forums, Gavie has to undergo an eye operation and doctors have asked him to take complete bed rest for three weeks.

Now, it is reported that Gavie is hoping that he may get a chance to go inside the Bigg Boss house through a wild card entry. When the portal contacted him, he said, “Talks have been on for the past one month and I was excited. However, we only recently came to know that I have to be operated. It was my father’s dream, to see me on the show.”

Questioning him about the wild card entry, he says he is interested in going inside the house and hopes to do it soon.