Gaurav Chopra’s Father and Mother admitted in Hospital after testing Positive for Coronavirus

Gaurav Chopra's parents admitted in hospital due to Coronavirus.

With the increase of COVID-19 cases every day, it seems like only a few are safe. The graph of people getting infected every day is rising even after taking all the precautions possible. Many celebrities and their family members from both the industry have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

A few days ago, actor Gaurav Chopra shared a story on his Instagram seeking for a plasma donor urgently for a family member. At first, nobody knew who the family member was, but later it was reported that it was for Gaurav’s father who had tested positive for COVID-19. The actor’s mother was tested positive before his father for coronavirus and is admitted to the same hospital for the treatment.

Speaking to TOI, Gaurav said, “This is a very tough time for our family and normally, I would not have spoken about it because it is personal. But, I feel that it is important to make people aware of how coronavirus spreads.”

Gaurav shared how they got infected and said, “My mother has been battling advanced-stage pancreatic cancer for the past three years. Almost miraculously, she emerged stronger from it and was doing okay. However, over the past few months, she had not been keeping well and was hospitalized. My father was looking after her in the hospital. And then, she tested positive for COVID-19. A few days later, my dad, too, tested positive. My brother, who has been looking after my parents, is also undergoing tests now.”

Gaurav requested people to take all the precautions and said that both his parents are battling the disease. Also requested everybody to stay in and not to step out unnecessarily. He added, “It’s important to take precautions because you can get infected in multiple ways.”

The actor is currently in Mumbai and is waiting for his brother’s results to come. His bags are pack and he’s ready to leave for Delhi any moment.