‘Gangs of Filmistan’ Producer bashes Shilpa Shinde for her allegations

Recently, Shilpa Shinde made allegations against the makers of 'Gangs of Filmistan'. Now, the producer of the show reacted to it and bashed Shilpa Shinde's allegations.

‘Gangs of Filmistan’ will be aired on Star Bharat on August 31st at 8 pm. The show before its launch is facing issues with the cast of the show. Recently, actress Shilpa Shinde shared that she’s upset with the makers of the show. In an interview with a news portal, she shared that she had informed the makers that she doesn’t want to work with Sunil Grover.

Along with this Shilpa alleged the makers are making them work  long hours shift and how they are exploiting artists by promising something else and then doing the opposite. Now reacting to the reports, Preeti Simoes, producer of Gangs of Filmistan has opened up and bashed Shilpa Shinde for her allegations.

In conversation with Spotboye, Preeti opened up about the allegations made by Shilpa Shinde. Preeti has refuted the allegations and calls it a mere misunderstanding. Talking about Shilpa’s allegation that she was lied about Sunil Grover, the producer said, “When we were casting, Shilpa Shinde and Sidharth Sagar were the first two people, whom we spoke to for the show. And as per later creative development, there was a need to cast someone of Sunil’s stature and experience to be a part of the show. Hence he came on board and Shilpa knew about this as she shot for the promo.” Preeti also stressed that there is no favoritism for Sunil Grover.

Preeti further added that she feels Sunil and Shilpa are cordial with each other and also the scripts are mailed to the actors 2 days before the shoot, so if Shilpa had any issues or changes she wanted to suggest, she could have spoken about it. Preeti shared that Shilpa never did so.

She also said that Shilpa’s reaction for not being seen on the show has come a little premature as she has not seen the show yet. She doesn’t know how the entire episode has been fleshed out, and how she is looking in the show.

The show is going to be premiered tonight at Star Bharat at 8 pm.

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