EXCLUSIVE : Sakshi Chopra reveals Why She will Not be a Part of Bigg Boss 14

EXCLUSIVE : Sakshi Chopra reveals Why She will Not be a Part of Bigg Boss 14

Sakshi Chopra has been approached for Bigg Boss on multiple occasions and while there were reports about it once again, here’s the latest update.

Social Media Queen, Sakshi Chopra has decided to skip this year’s Bigg Boss to concentrate on her love for music. And well, it sure is going to be incomplete because fans were hoping for her to be a part of the show. There has been an endless amount of love and excitement from the fans to see the fireball, Sakshi Chopra, inside the Bigg Boss house. Unfortunately, she has decided to drop the BB plan this year and focus on her singing.

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In a recent conversation with Sakshi Chopra, we got the answers to all your questions. When asked if she’ll participate in Bigg Boss 14, She revealed, “I have decided not to participate this year, I am currently in Los Angeles focusing on recording and releasing my album.”

However, Sakshi said that she would definitely consider doing the reality show if she is approached for the same in the future again.

This 23rd, the sensational powerhouse of social media, celebrated her birthday away from her loved ones. And Sakshi gave us quite a glimpse of her this year’s celebration. “I had such big plans, unfortunately, because of COVID, I had to make it super exclusive, so it’s a few close friends and I celebrated this phase of my life.”, she said.

“My first birthday without my family, it definitely hurts. I missed them every moment.”,She further added.

Sakshi Chopra will soon be releasing her music videos. We bet her fans are looking forward to her music video. Keep visiting RealityPost for More updates.

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