Bigg Boss 14 : Contestants to Shop,Watch Movies, Here’s what’s new in Salman Khan’s Show

Bigg Boss 14 is just a few weeks away and the audience is excited to watch the show. This season's Bigg Boss theme is entirely different and something like never before.
Bigg Boss 14 : Contestants to Shop,Watch Movies and More in the show, Here's what's new in Salman Khan's Show
Image Source : ColorsTV Twitter

Bigg Boss season 14 is just a few weeks away and the audience is excited to watch Bigg Boss 2020. This season of Bigg Boss is going to be different from all the previous seasons and contestants will have a good time inside the house.

Salman Khan will be hosting the show and the show is going start from October 3, as per the reports. Indian Express has revealed the details of Bigg Boss 14 which will be the lockdown-themed season. The portal quoted a source saying that throughout the lockdown, people have missed certain activities, be it shopping, eating out, or watching films. So to add an element of something new, the luxury tasks would give a chance to the winner of the tasks to enjoy these inside the Bigg Boss 14 house.

The source further added, “As Salman Khan said in the teaser videos, this would be a befitting reply to 2020.” Colors TV also released a statement recently with a picture of Salman Khan mopping the floor, which stated, “Salman says everyone is bored of shuttling between home and work. But not to phikar not as life is about to change with Bigg Boss’s power-packed entertainment coming for their rescue.”

The report also revealed that the contestants will be able to enjoy everything which they used to enjoy before this pandemic hit the entire world.

Recently, a new promo of the show was released which showed Salman Khan sitting in a movie theatre, and in a voice-over he said, “Ab scene paltega.”


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