Aly Goni Opens Up, reveals why He prefers to see Shehnaaz Gill over Gauahar Khan in Bigg Boss 14

As per ETimes report, television actor Aly Goni opens up and revealed why he prefers Shehnaaz Gill over Gauahar Khan in Bigg Boss 14.
Aly Goni Opens Up, reveals why He prefers to see Shehnaaz Gill over Gauahar Khan in Bigg Boss 14

The Bigg Boss 14 has started its journey with a different concept of seniors and freshers,  the show has completely taken a different turn. For the first time in Bigg Boss’s history, former contestants have joined in to kickstart the new season of Bigg Boss.

However, while the audience is enjoying this new concept of Bigg Boss 14, television actor Aly Goni recently tweeted his preference about the seniors in the show. Taking it to social media, he shared, “Yaar Gauhar ki jaga Shehnaaz ko bhejna chahiye tha I think zyada mazza aata ‘Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes’ too much fun ho jata”

After his tweet, many netizens agreed to his tweet while some didn’t agree and expressed their love for Gauahar instead. Now, Aly Goni opened up and revealed why he prefers to see Shehnaaz Gill over Gauahar Khan in Bigg Boss 14 as one of the seniors.

Talking to ETimes, Aly explained his tweet and stated, “What I felt I wrote. And, it was simple based on the fact that if three people (ex-contestants) were supposed to go, then Shehnaaz should have gone.” Adding further, he said that he doesn’t have any thing against Gauahar and have no problem with her. He said, “She is a nice lady. She is a good human being. I was just talking from an entertainment point of view. I like seeing Shehnaaz on TV, she is an entertainer.”

He mentioned that he doesn’t like fights so if Shehnaaz would have been inside the Bigg Boss 14  then it would have been better and more fun. On being asked that does what he just said implies that the presence of Gauahar causes a fight to which he said, “No, aisa kuch bhi nahin hai. Frankly, I am nobody to judge Gauahar as I haven’t seen Season 7 in which participated and won.”

He added that Hina Khan is a good player and if Gauahar and Shehnaaz both would have been in the show, even then he wouldn’t have had any problem with it. He just kept his point based on the fact that only three people have gone inside the show.

He also commented on Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz, and said, “Ek baar phir saath hote toh aur achcha hota tha.” In the end, he said that he wanted Shehnaaz to win last year and she is a happy girl. He likes people who keep smiling and don’t poke their nose in other’s businesses.

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