Kapil Sharma opens up on Importance of maintaining Mental Health

As reported, Sushant Singh Rajput was dealing with clinical depression for a long time. His demise has brought back the topic of mental health and its redressal. People are again talking about it but the taboo is still around the corner.

Recently in a conversation with a news portal, Kapil Sharma was asked about the importance of mental health. To which, he replied it is of utmost importance and that one must speak out to their closed ones apart from taking professional help.

He added, it is important to be open about things with one’s family or friends to avoid bottling up feelings and thoughts. Professional help is indeed important but opening up to closed ones is also important. He feels blessed to have Ginni, his wife, around him, and during his low phases of life.

According to him, listener should be empathetic and understanding as a small thing to one can be big for another.
He shared an episode of his life where he flunked in his 10th standard in Maths. He was scared to tell his father but his father understood him. He feels it is important for parents to make their children understand all these things from the beginning. Life will be full of hurdles and exams will never be an end of it.

He shared how bad it is to hear sometimes about children taking the wrong steps because they didn’t score well in their 10th or 12th results. Exams can be given again and it is not the end of the world.

Kapil Sharma and the team has resumed shooting with precautions.