Kapil Sharma finally spills the beans on reuniting with Sunil Grover

Ace comedian Kapil Sharma has finally opened up on reuniting with Sunil Grover. Here's what He has to say
kapil sharma and sunil grover reuniting

Ace comedians Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover have been entertaining the fans and making them laugh with their wit and comic timing. The two have made a great name in the entertainment industry and despite their past differences, both the comedians have always shared a good bond and have praised each other.

Recently, In an interview with a leading daily, Kapil Sharma opened up about his bond with Sunil Grover and about reuniting with him.

Kapil revealed that he keeps meeting Sunil Paaji occasionally and they recently met at Gurdas Mann’s son’s wedding in Punjab and then at another wedding in Delhi. Kapil went on to say that there are minor differences here and there but those differences don’t end relationships.

Kapil was in all praise for Sunil and he even called him a fine actor and mentioned that he always feels that there is so much to learn when he works with different artists. He added that he has learnt a lot of things from Sunil and in future if a good project comes by, then it will be fun to work with him.

Kapil also said that he keeps thinking that his current show is going well so maybe he shall plan something with Sunil on other platforms and stated that such thoughts keep running in his mind.

On a related note, Sunil Grover left ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ post his controversial fight with Kapil Sharma. However, the two now have great regard for each other.

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