Hindustani Bhau alleges that He is getting Calls from Big people to ‘Sit and Talk’

Hindustani Bhau is a social media sensation and He was last seen in Colors TV's Bigg Boss 13
hindustani bhau

Former Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Hindustani Bhau aka Vikas Phatak recently filed a police complaint against Popular Producer Ekta Kapoor and her mother, Shobha Kapoor, for allegedly disrespecting the Indian Army in their ALTBalaji series ‘XXX Uncensored’ Season 2. Now, he claims that he is getting calls from ‘big people’ after the same.

In his Instagram video, he can be seen saying, “Yesterday, I filed a police complaint at Khar Police Station against Bollywood’s renowned ‘Ek Thi Kabootar’ Ekta Kapoor. I have been getting so many phone calls from yesterday as if Ekta Kapoor runs their household and sends them ration. Big people are calling me. They want me to sit and talk with them. But I don’t want to sit and talk with anybody. I want her to apologize to the Indian Army because she and her mother have insulted the Indian Army.”

He also added that he is not the one who can be bought with money. He also said that Ekta Kapoor has not done anything for the country to deserve a Padma Shri award.

Those who aren’t aware, Hindustani Bhau said found some scenes of an Ekta Kapoor show offensive and said that it is a disrespect to the Indian Army and also humiliating to the sacrifices made by the Army Jawans. In the episode, it showcases, the wife of an army officer is shown having an illicit affair while her husband’s at war. However, the part that has the Bigg Boss 13 contestant triggered is that the wife makes her lover wear her husband’s army uniform during their intimate moments.

Ekta Kapoor is yet to respond to the complaint filed by Hindustani Bhau.

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