Bigg Boss 13 : Sidharth Shukla makes shocking statement about Rashami Desai’s stalking habit

Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai‘s ugly fights have been one of the top highlights of Colors TV’s ‘Bigg Boss 13‘. Both the contestants are not on good terms and fights & arguments between both of them keeps happening almost everyday

Even after Salman Khan‘s advice, the old rivals, don’t seem to stop from bashing each other and revealing dirty secrets of their past.

Just like all the other times, in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar episode also, the two did not pay heed to host Salman’s recommendations and spilled some secrets from their past.

In the episode, we saw Sidharth Shukla making a shocking statement about Rashami Desai’s stalking habit. He revealed that Rashami had followed and stalked him till Goa once in the past.

The ugly spat began as the two lost their calm in front host Salman Khan and entered into a war of words.

It was Rashami who first started digging the past again. Sidharth lost his cool on Rashami for making a joke of their past on national TV and warned that if she doesn’t stop doing it, then even he will start revealing dirty secrets of their past.

The actor was heard saying, ‘The day I start spilling beans of our past relationship, then it wouldn’t be good for you. She has stalked me once till Goa.’

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