Bigg Boss 13 : Shefali Jariwala to recieve special Xmas Gift from her family

Christmas is just around the corner and Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Jariwala might get a surprise gift from her family while she is locked in the house.

It is extremely tough to survive inside the bigg boss house for contestants because they are forced to cut all ties with the outside world while being on the show.

Viewers recently witnessed a soft side of Shefali who, in a video which mentions that she misses seeing her nephews and also her pet pug, which she regards as her “son“.

According to sources, Shefali’s family members have reached out to the makers and they want to send a Christmas video to her.

The source said: “After watching the clip, Shefali’s family got together and made a special Christmas video for her from them, featuring her ‘son’ and her sister’s two kids whom Shefali misses the most.

We’re sure this video will give Shefali the strength to continue her stint in the house and this would certainly be the perfect Christmas gift for her,” added the source.

(With inputs from IANS)