Akanksha Puri Opens Up on Reports of Not Sending Clothes to beau Paras Chhabra

Popular Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra’s former girlfriend TV Actress Akanksha Puri has finally opened up on the reports that she has stopped sending clothes for him, adding that she shares a good bond with his mother. However, she also said that she is hurt as Paras insulted their relationship during a conversation with the show host Salman Khan.

While talking to a leading daily, Akanksha said, “I don’t know why few people are blindly writing wrong news. I really don’t understand why they are writing rubbish without even confirming it with me. They need to understand that not watching Bigg Boss and discontinuing to do something for Paras are two different things. I have said that I don’t watch Bigg Boss anymore, it doesn’t mean I will start seeking revenge. I have hired a stylist for Paras, who manages and looks after his clothes. I had a meeting with her a few days ago, where we sat together and finalised all the clothes that he will be wearing on the show. From his casual attires to Weekend Ka Vaar outfits, we have zeroed in on everything. Then why is this news coming out that I am hurt with his closeness with someone inside the house and I have decided to back out.”

Paras has developed a rather close friendship with co-contestant Mahira Sharma. While Akanksha first brushed it off as a game strategy, claiming she even asked Paras to try the “love angle” for the game. However, after Paras and Mahira were seen getting intimate and cuddling each other often inside the house, Akanksha had said she was not sure if it was a game anymore.

She also slammed the reports and added, “I am not that kind of person, who will back out of something like just out of anger. I have stopped watching because that is my personal choice. I am close to his mother, I share a very close bond with her and he is the same guy with whom I have shared beautiful memories. Yes, I am hurt with Paras as he said few things on Weekend Ka Vaar in front of Salman sir and he actually insulted our relationship. Even the Bigg Boss team knows that I am just a call away, if Paras needs any help. I just don’t know where journalism is going these days. Journalists don’t feel the need to contact the person about who’s personal life they are writing about.”

Akanksha also called out people tagging her while writing about her relationship on social media.

“I don’t know where these people were when Paras needed their help. Now, they are suddenly claiming to be his friends and taking screenshots of such negative articles and abusing and writing negative things about me. If they really care about Paras’ why don’t extend help and take care of few of his personal things. These people are using the opportunity and want to increase their followers on social media. They are using our names,” she told the daily.

During one of the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes, Salman made a few revelations about Paras and Akanksha. He shared how, from paying his rent to sending money to his mother, Akanksha has been handling everything while he was locked away in the Bigg Boss house. He also admonished Paras for not accepting his fault. Salman also warned Mahira during the weekend that Paras was still in a relationship with Akanksha.