The Malayalam and non-Malayalam audience has loved Amazon Prime Video’s latest release “CU Soon” and are all praises

The Malayalam and non-Malayalam audience has loved Amazon Prime Video's latest release "CU Soon" and are all praises

The most awaited film, CU Soon has finally released globally on Amazon Prime Video and has been receiving rave reviews. The audience has loved how the film was shot during the lockdown period without fancy equipment and the storyline has kept the audience attention intact and here’s what they’re saying:

“The Malayalam film industry is so freaking underrated…the actors the story the the concepts uff mindfucking blowing just watched #CUSoonOnPrime brilliant #Fahadhfassil

“Again, how is Malayalam Cinema so good! Congratulations to #MaheshNarayanan on #CUSoon, it’s gripping and so well made! Equally fantastic performances by
#FahadhFaasil #DarshanaRajendran! Clapping hands sign Now on

“#CUSoon is excellent.
borrows the visual language of #Searching and makes it his own, with so much panache! Clever writing and superb performances from #DarshanaRajendran,
& #FahadhFaasil. So well executed, loved it.


“#CUSoon Movie Came with a seat Edge thriller with some Good Feelings as wellSmiling face with heart-shaped eyes Really hats of for the team Smiling face with halo Movie which was short on I PhoneOk hand
And Fahad fazil ..Asusual polichu ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜”

“I don’t understand Malayalam but after watched the trailer I can’t stop my self to watch the movie.
Awesome job guys #CUSoon
Thank you
to delivered this kind of movie.
Really change the whole concept to create a movie from webcam.”

With such pheonomenal reviews, one thing is sure that the trailer had worked its magic and the film has been loved by all. The attempt of making an entire film during the lockdown with an iphone in a short span of 18 days is praiseworthy. All the audience, Malayalam or non-Malayalam, have loved the film and are watching it all across and even the reviews by critics are nothing but applauds for the unique film.

CU Soon is a gripping drama about a software engineer from Kerala who has been assigned by his family to help his Dubai-based cousin find his missing fiancee, after she leaves behind a video-based suicide note. This feature film is unique for being shot with a phone.

CU Soon is directed and edited by Mahesh Narayanan, featuring cinematography by Sabin Uralikandi. The film is known to be Fahadhโ€™s second collaboration with Mahesh.

The one of its kind edge of the seat thriller was shot entirely during the lockdown and will has released globally on Amazon Prime Video. Watch the film now!