Review : Live the Journey of ‘Love’ and ‘Acceptance’ with ‘His Storyy’

Here's our review of ALT Balaji and Zee5's 'His Storyy'.
his storyy

Web Series: His Storyy
Cast: Priyamani, Satyadeep Mishra, Mrinal Dutt, Charu Shankar, Nitin Bhatia and others
Director: Prashant Bhagia
Streaming On: AltBalaji/ZEE5

Our Rating : 4 Stars

His Storyy is an AltBalaji web series that shows the same-sex love story of two people and depicts how love comes in different forms and is always a mix of challenges and happiness. The show mainly revolves around Kunal, Sakshi, and Preet and their journey of accepting and dealing with the ups and downs of their lives.

The base of a relationship is love, which Kunal couldn’t find in his marriage with Sakshi because he was gay. He lived in denial for quite a long time due to the fear of not being accepted by society. Finally, after 18 years of marriage, he met Preet, with whom he actually fell in love. But still had to keep everything a secret because he didn’t want to lose his family. He was living two lives and tried to manage them both until his wife saw him with another guy and he had no option but to confront her with the truth.

The best part about the show is how natural it is. Everything happens just like it would in a normal real Indian household- there are people who understand you and others who think less of you; there are times when you think lying is better than explaining everyone all about the truth so that you won’t be judged; and also, at times, you have to take decisions for yourself and for the people you love, that might not bring happiness at the moment, but would surely prevent the future miseries.

Every episode has something new that you wouldn’t have expected and this is what keeps the viewers hooked to the series. Also, the pace of the show is just right. It’s not too fast because of which you get time to digest what’s happening but at the same time, it’s not slow enough to make anything feel boring. The team has put in enough efforts to make the viewers realize that being LGBTQ isn’t your choice, that’s just the way you are and there is nothing wrong with it. And that it’s high time that we accept people with whatever gender preferences they have.

The acting of the three main characters is undeniably the best out of the rest of the cast. Although the efforts put in by all of them are quite visible. A special mention has to be given to the songs which are carefully selected according to the situations and make you feel the pain and sadness even more profoundly. The reason I completed the series at one go was because I couldn’t wait to know how things would end up for Kunal, Sakshi, and Preet. Go on and stream the show online on AltBalaji to know what really happens, and be prepared to be caught by various elements of surprise.

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