Producer Mukul Deora shares details on what went into the music of ‘The White Tiger’

Mukul Deora shared in a recent international interview how the songs and album of The White Tiger were put in place. The producer used his own vision and knowledge from when he was a Dj to put in place the music that will vibe with the viewers. The film is out and he has been successful, but this is what went behind it.

Mukul shares ,”Well one of my contributions to music would be the opening song which is the JayZ Punjabi MC remix. The movie is set like the book in 2010, so it was like what song was big in India and big in the world and in America at that time and I used to dj so I know my music pretty well and there aren’t really many songs that were that big at that time because you didn’t have the internet so hip-hop itself hadn’t really traveled to India at the time the way it has now and other forms as well as more classic rock kind of thing but Ramin and me discussed it and we din’t want classic rock, wouldn’t really fit into this movie, the theme of the movie. So we were clear that it was going to be something we love hip-hop and and I was just thinking like I know I can get this. If I can’t get this nobody can , This is my realm, what’s the biggest song in India in the world and we had a lot of discussion about it and then I came up with this I said I remember sent it to Ramin and to Micheal and Ramin was like ‘I love it’ and we knew it just worked.”

He further adds,”One thing is that Hip-hop has really exploded in India in the last few years with people who are from a similar background in India as the African American pioneers were in the 80s in New York and in Bronx and everywhere so we had a lot of discussion about that as well and then we came up with divine who’s one of the biggest rappers in India as well and we spoke about that how cool it would be to have a collaboration between divine and someone in America like a real collaboration and Ramin spoke to them about the lyrics as well and divine watched the movie as well really vibe with it . I think he really understood and connected with Balram, where he is coming from and wrote some incredible lyrics about the jungle because jungle is a hindi word that’s in English. So that was great I am so happy that all that happened I mean that was something we and Ramin spoke a lot about from the first time we met that, how do we make this into a true collaborative effort with the crew, with the music, with can we just make sure that’s seamless and I think it shows in the film how much we worked on the authenticity as well as keeping the story universal.”

Taking charge of this collaboration with his vision and knowledge from previous years, Mukul Deora’s The White Tiger has an amazing music album that has struck a chord with the people’s heart just like the film itself.