REVIEW : Prepare Yourselves for the Rip-Roaring Journey of Parth Samthaan in Mai Hero Boll Raha Hoon

Here's our review of ALT Balaji and Zee 5's 'Mai Hero Boll Raha Hun'
mai hero boll raha hun review

Web Series : Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu
Cast : Parth Samthaan, Patralekha, Arslan Goni, Ganesh Yadav, Arshin Mehta, and various others.
Director : Siddhartha Luther
Streaming On: AltBalaji/ZEE5

Our Rating : 4 Stars

Mai Hero Boll Raha Hoon is an ALT Balaji and Zee5 original series starring Parth Samthaan. The show starts with the story of Nawaab (Parth Samthaan) who comes all the way from Bareilly to Mumbai along with his father. From the beginning, Nawab wanted to do something big and was looking for money and power. But his action-packed and thriller journey for acquiring them begins after his father is killed by a gangster.

The entire series goes on in a narrative style where Nawab is the one who tells us about his journey of going from Nawab to Nawab Bhai himself. From his entering in Mumbai, to making contacts and getting into Bollywood, everything has voice overs which makes us understand the story in an even better way.

The best part about the series is the way it takes you along with it. There is no suddenness of actions and things are not just thrown in the plot. Everything happens for a reason and you get to know it as you go on watching the show. Along with the story, we also see the development of his character throughout the show. Just how he learns things from all the people he meets on his way to becoming successful and the confidence that he has in himself which helps him in getting things done just the way he wants makes the story feel even more real.

The story consists of everything, be it love, hate, anger, revenge, friendship or betrayal. And the acting of the characters is what makes it even more interesting. The show is set in the 90s and from the theme to the dresses, the team has worked immensely on displaying the correct timeline. The amazing background music and dialogues give goosebumps and make your adrenaline rush like you yourself are a part of everything.

There is no doubt that Nawab deservingly gains control over Mumbai but just like anyone else, has it ever been possible to be successful without having enemies or without people being jealous of you? No right! By the end, Nawab also has to deal with tons of challenges because of his enemies who want to bring him down. So will he continue to be the Nawab Bhai that he is or just like he did to the others, someone would be there who would bring him down? Go on and watch the breathtaking series to know what really happens with Nawab!

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