Watch the Romantic Drama turn Suspenseful with ‘Puncch Beat Season 2’

Here's our review for ALT Balaji's Puncch Beat Season 2
puncch beat 2 review

OUR RATING : 4 Stars

Puncch Beat 2 is an ALTBalaji Original web series which was brought to screens on popular demand. The first season received immense love from the viewers who enjoyed the package of action, drama and romance all at once.

With the main focus on who will win the final battle between Priyank Sharma and Siddharth Sharma, the second season of the series picks up from where it left off. But this time, it’s not just about teenage fights and romance, the story also brings a lot of suspense with it. There is murder at Rosewood High which leaves everyone shocked. The school which is famous for its boxing loses a student at the MMA ring itself.

Right from the beginning of the show, it manages to grab your attention and never lets you get bored. Every thrilling scene is well designed and manages to keep you hooked to your seats. The star cast of the show has also done a commendable job in making people believe in what was happening in the show. They made it seem real with their amazing acting and did complete justice to their role.

The show has a proper school life vibe which would definitely be enjoyed by the youth since they are missing out on it due to the pandemic. And this is what we love the most about the series, it is so well written and well directed, that everything seems to be real.

But the main focus this time is on the mystery of the murder. So who was killed? Who was the murderer? What exactly happened? Want to know everything? Just go on and watch the breathtaking series now and find out the answers to all your questions!