‘OMG : Oh My God’ Producer BK Modi reveals Details about His Upcoming Disney+ Hotstar series ‘Shankaracharya’ – EXCLUSIVE

We recently got in touch with Producer Bhupendra Kumar Modi, where he revealed details about his upcoming Disney+ Hotstar web series 'Shankacharya'
bk modi prodcuer shankaracharya

Producer of films like OMG and No Problem, Bhupendra Kumar Modi aka Dr. B.K. Modi who is a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author is now producing his new web series titled Shankracharya. In an EXCLUSIVE conversation with us, he talked about his upcoming web series.

Talking about the web series Shankracharya, he shared with us, “It’s about the life of Adi Shankaracharya, right from his birth and even before his birth as he was predicted to come on this earth to unite everybody into one. India was very segmented religiously at that time amongst various things including Buddhism and Jainism. So he brought everybody together by talking to people and making them understand Vedic philosophy.”

“I first made Oh My God (OMG), when I realized that a lot of people are being taken advantage of by religious gurus. So, OMG was to let people know that God is in themselves, and they should believe in themselves more than looking for Gods outside. Then I made Buddha which portrayed to become your own light and do what you think is right than following others,” he told us about how he got the idea for the web series.

He further added stating that then Adi Shankracharya brought this whole philosophy of Advait which is we all are one and we are complete when we are born. We can live our lives according to what we feel is the right way to live. And he continued telling us about the philosophy of Adi Shankracharya.

Talking about the grand set which is being prepared for the shoot of web series, he shared, “Set for Sharda Peeth, the one in Kashmir, which is on Pakistan occupied Kashmir. This peeth was known for Omni-size Sarvagya Gyan peeth, where people used to come and gain full knowledge about what the whole world is about. Sharda peeth is very important. As the Sharda peeth statue has been demolished in many ways, so we had to research about the original Sharda peeth, to replicate the set for Sharda peeth, to show the special devotion towards it.”

He also talked about his favorite film or the shows closest to him to which he said that anywhere he can get spiritual upliftment is very important for him. He continued that every project he has had done holds a different place and values in his life.

According to him, media is not only related to entertainment but also is a source of knowledge and understanding of history. While thinking of creating a new show or a movie, he said that the key thing which he always keeps in his mind is that it should always have a message which is relatable and applicable in real life.

In the end, he concluded by saying that the audience will get to see the life journey of Adi Shankracharya along with what happened during that time in India. As he had a quite interesting journey and had met many people along his journey, it will have our Indian history perspective as well.

The web series Shankracharya is directed by Anirudh Pathak, who’s the maker of series like Mahadev, Salim Anarkali, and Siya Ke Ram, with the promising cast of Vikram Gokhale and Yatin Karyekar. B.K. Modi is also the sole presenter of this brilliant idea.

RealityPost.in wishes him good luck for his new web series Shankracharya.

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