From ALTBalaji’s Hai Taubba 3 to Ray, 5 anthologies on OTT that are a MUST WATCH!

Anthologies have become the latest fan favourites. Whether big or small, every OTT platform has an anthology in its library, proving that the different stories stitched together are more enticing. They are not just engaging stories but they often highlight other issues as well. So today, let’s pick five anthologies that you can’t, even if you’d want to, can’t miss. So without any further ado…

1. Hai Taubba (ALTBalaji)


ALTBalaji’s newest chapter of their hit anthology Hai Taubba 3, launched this month and has already become a favourite. Filled with stories where women break out of societal norms to live on their terms, it addresses issues related to sexuality and taboos in our country. With a cast filled by 4 mighty women in the lead roles, we believe that it is the perfect binge for absolutely anyone who loves and appreciate anthologies.

The first two chapters were massive successes as well. The series features Poulomi Das, Ekavalli Khanna, Arshiya Arshi and others in important characters.

2. Crimes and Confessions (ALTBalaji)


Filled with love, hate, betrayal, crime, and a world full of confessions that change the show’s direction more times than one, ALTBalaji’s Crimes and Confessions is already a fan favourite and continues to be showered with love and appreciation. A star cast includes actors such as Lekha Prajapati, Samiksha Bhatnagar, Ankit Bathla, Prerika Arora, Shweta Gulati, Ankita Chakraborty and more, the show delivers a complete experience and keeps viewers entertained throughout.

3. Ray (Netflix)


This montage of adapted stories, originally written by Satyajit Ray is an absolute must watch and keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats through four extremely thrilling stories filled with drama, suspense, mystery and a star cast that includes Manoj Bajpayee, Harshvardhan Kapoor, Ali Fazal, Radhika Madan and others. Each episode in the series is a film in its own right. However, each episode is connected roughly based on their common theme.

4. Unpaused (Amazon Prime)


Unpaused is an anthology on Amazon Prime that was shot and released during the pandemic and brings to the viewers an experience that is extremely wholesome, quirky and relatable. The stories have themes such as loneliness, love, pain and above all, hope at a time where we all could use some. Unpaused is a breath of fresh air and an absolute feel-good anthology, which is exactly what we need during the pandemic to get ourselves going.

5. Love in the Times of Corona (Voot)

Voot’s Love in the Times of Corona is an anthology of 3 short films set in the times of the Corona Virus pandemic. The series portrays the lives of 3 women, each dealing with issues that are different in some ways but similar in others. Each of these women is strong yet vulnerable when the world has shut down and video calls, texting and connecting with people remotely is the new normal. The series is very relatable and provides the viewers with a feeling of comfort during the struggle.

Let us know your favourite anthologies from our list and other interesting ones on which we may have missed!