EXCLUSIVE : Shadab Khan Files Complaint Against Digital Marketing Company Qyuki for Cheating and Theft

Shadab Khan in his complaint alleged that Qyuki hijacked his Google AdSense account on Youtube and siphoned $2600 thereby also committing theft
shadab khan qyuki case
Image Source : Shadab Khan Instagram & Qyuki Official Website

Social media influencer Shadab Khan, who enjoys a massive following on Instagram and other social media platforms, has filed a complaint against Sagar Gokhale, Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, and Renowned Music Composer A.R. Rehman, the founders, and co-founders of the company named Qyuki Digital Media Private Limited for cheating. Shadab in his complaint alleged that they hijacked his Google AdSense account on Youtube and siphoned $2600 thereby also committing theft.

We also received a copy of the complaint. In the complaint, Shadab has mentioned that after his YouTube account got monetized, he created a Google AdSense account where all the revenue generated from his YouTube channel was deposited. He then reached out to Qyuki and entered into a contract with them for the promotion and sponsorship of his YouTube channel. By the virtue of this, he provided the company with access to his Google AdSense account. According to the contract, the revenue generated had to be divided on a 60 (Shadab) – 40 (Qyuki) basis, but even after uploading videos timely, just like he used to, he did not receive any money from the company.

shadab Khan qyuki
Copy of the complaint filed by Shadab Khan

According to the complaint, Shadab then tried to reach out to the company authorities through calls, texts, and voice messages in order to terminate his business with the company because of their neglect in paying his hard-earned money, and to his utter shock the company deliberately delinked him with his
Google AdSense account by hijacking it without his permission because of which he claims to have been
defrauded for an amount up to the tune of $2600 by the authorities at Qyuki.

“It’s a serious criminal act and police authorities are investigating the matter thoroughly, nobody should be cheated, in the present complaint my client is a hard-working person and he is anticipating justice by following due process of law against such unscrupulous companies.”, Shadab Khan’s Lawyer Ali Kaashif Khan Deshmukh EXCLUSIVELY told RealityPost.

When we contacted Shadab Khan, He confirmed the same and said,“This company till date have not paid me single penny for my hard work and efforts, hardly anyone comes ahead against such companies, I am sure there must be many like me who have been cheated by them I would request them all to come forth and expose their criminal acts completely. I have respect for the law and I have complete faith in the judiciary.”

Police have served the notice to the Company and according to our sources, they have responded saying that they will give a reply on the same in 4 days. Shadab Khan have also been asked to record his statement at Khar Police Station Today on 23rd April 2021.

Shadab Khan is a social media influencer who is quite famous for the content he creates on Instagram, Youtube, and other social media platforms. He has created a name for himself in the entertainment industry due to his immense hard work and determination and does not want someone to keep him from his well-deserved money.

Founded in 2011 by the late Samir Bangara, AR Rahman, and Shekhar Kapur, Qyuki is a data-driven new media company that discovers and invests in India’s most influential KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) to help them rapidly grow their audience, create content and launch scalable D2C brands. Qyuki also exclusively manages a host of talent across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. It manages some of the biggest digital superstars such as Mr. Faisu, Sanam Band, FunkYou, Shraddha Sharma, and others. Qyuki was recently in controversy after Mumbai police reportedly summoned Sagar Gokhale, COO of the company to record a statement in Rapper Badshah’s (Aditya Sisodia) fake social media followers case.

We tried reaching out to one of the representatives of Qyuki for a comment on the same, but till the time of publishing this story, we didn’t receive any response.

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