Carryminati reveals why He isn’t recieving anyone’s Calls and Texts

Popular YouTuber Carryminati was recently in the trends and headlines after his youtube video titled ‘Youtube Vs Tik Tok : The End‘ went viral across all the social media platforms.

The viral video, in which Carry, whose real name is Ajey Nagar roasted tik tok star Amir Siddiqui became a topic of discussion everywhere. The video broke many national and international records. However, It was taken down by Youtube later on stating that the video has violated their guidelines.

Carryminati fans were extremely upset with decision and They trended many hashtags in support of him across social media platforms.

After this incident, Carryminati suddenly went off from social media and He wasn’t picking up anyone’s calls or texts. He later announced that He will come back with a new video titled ‘Yalgaar

Now, Carry has revealed why he suddenly went off from social media and didn’t reply to anyone’s Calls and Texts. He posted about the same on his instagram story.

Take a look :

Fans are excited for Carryminati’s upcoming video. Are you also a Carryminati fan ? Share with us in the comments section below.