ALT Balaji becomes Viewers’ first choice during the lockdown

alt balaji

The lockdown caused due to the coronavirus pandemic has put a big halt on the daily functioning of everyone including the entertainment industry. The beginning was smooth but soon there was a sudden dearth of content that has resulted in the growing demand from the audience. Considering that, ALTBalaji has been a huge blessing for everyone due to the content variety it holds.

The platform has seen a huge hike of 60% growth and with a strong uptake of its digital subscriptions and breaking records with an average of 17000 new subscribers per day.

The fresh content and concepts such as Who’s Your Daddy?, Baarish: Season 2, and the biggest relationship web series – Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3 have really struck the right chord with the audience and have kept them highly engaged with its content of 60 to 90 minutes or sometimes even more. The trend has continued.

The huge hike from 20 million subscriptions in the month of March to over 34 million subscriptions in just two months is just mere proof of how the app has been the ‘go-to’ choice of viewers and highly recommended too. The buzz on social media proves it already. As we talk about time not waiting for anyone and seconds hand of the clock ticking, the platform has over 1.7 million active direct subscribers.

OTT being a pure delight and saving one highly from the boredom due to the content options, the engagement levels at ALTBalaji have seen significant uplift as the viewers choose to see various genres and the freshly baked concepts have just really been highly appreciated as the content breaks taboos and talks about unspoken topics in a very different way spreading its own message and awareness.

So now you know where to head in this beautiful monsoon weather with a cup of hot cocoa under the blanket and keep yourself entertained with ALTBalaji.