Here’s the app you MUST CHECK OUT to get your visa application done in 60-seconds: Atlas

From students stressing over making to their first day of college; business trips delay due to visa processes and even, a simple getaway plan taking way too long- Atlas is the solution!

Not only we face that since a pre-covid phase but now, the pandemic has made it more time consuming.

Atlas, a San Francisco-based
brings its revolutionary mobile app which cuts down the time taken to prepare a visa application to under 60 seconds. It does so by automating all aspects of visa preparation – from form filling, to generating supporting documents as well as providing expert guidance. In a world where over 97% of travelers feel that applying for visas is the most stressful part of travel planning, travelers are actively seeking digital alternatives that do not involve such interactions with the pandemic restrictions in place.

Founder and CEO Mohak Nahta was previously a part of Project Olympus – an acclaimed tech accelerator with many successful companies under its belt. The app is currently out in the United States, and will be soon launched out internationally in the coming months.

*Atlas finds itself in the list of top travel apps available to users. Curated by experts who reviewed over 1000 apps to select the top 10, here’s how Atlas is one of the top catalysts-*


– MakeMyTrip: This is a one-stop booking tool for flights and travel. They often have the best deals and a wide array of hotel selection.

– Airbnb: Looking for a more homely vacation? Airbnb is the perfect place to find houses that you can rent out! Highly recommended for hill stations.

– Oyo: If you’re traveling on a budget, consider using Oyo. Oyo covers over 200 cities and a variety of options so you’re likely to find something here.


– Atlas: If you don’t want to spend 6 hours applying for visas, use Atlas. It will save you a lot of time and frustration by doing everything for you. It’s like magic, seriously!


– Google Flights: Its search is instant, and has all flight options. You can also explore other routes and use a variety of filters.

– Trivago: This app lets you compare prices across websites, and usually has the best deals.

Well, this information surely will come handy to you when you are all geared up to make your first post-covid travel plan! From lodgings to visas and tickets, thank us later for this tick-list!