Singer Zaman Khan’s latest romantic song ‘Eid Ho Jaaye’ gets enlisted with the top songs of India’s leading music magazine, Rolling Stone

India's leading music magazine 'Rolling Stone' has added Zaman Khan's Latest Romantic Song to the list of their top songs.
Singer Zaman Khan's latest romantic song 'Eid Ho Jaaye' gets enlisted with the top songs of India's leading music magazine, Rolling Stone

Even the pandemic couldn’t stop Singer Zaman Khan from entertaining his fans with his amazing voice. After making everyone fall in love with his motivational song, Hum Saath Hain, earlier this year, the singer recently has released another song. Eid Ho Jaaye, a song about pure love.

The song has already got a super positive response from not just the fans but also India’s leading music magazine, Rolling Stone has added it to the list of their top songs.

In a conversation with us, Zaman Khan shared his excitement of achieving such a milestone. “Honestly we made this song in collaboration with my friends Rishabh Chhabra who is a music producer and Jazbaati who’s a brilliant writer. When we got to know about this, all of us were so happy and shocked as well because we never thought that a “Home recorded song” will make it to a magazine like “Rolling stones”. And it’s all because of the immense love we received from our audience”.

A singer like Zaman Khan who is managed by Yours Eventfully surely deserves such love and recognition. But we wonder of all the challenges he might have faced while creating this masterpiece? To which the singer said, ” I think the biggest challenge for me was to get out of my comfort zone and step into a new style of singing which was a pinch of “Sufi gayaki” and maintaining the softness of a love song as well. So merging both the emotions at the same time was pretty challenging”.

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