Prabhas’ success as a Pan-India star is attracting more producers to do Pan-India films with him reveals a Source close to the star

Prabhas is one of the biggest stars of India who has become a household name across the country. His success as a Pan-India star is why more and more producers are planning to make Pan-Indian films with him.

A source close to the actor recently revealed, “Prabhas has been getting lots of offers from producers who want to do Pan-India films with him, they love his work ethic and passion towards all his films and ofcourse his super large fandom which actually made him so successful across the country or rather globe is why so many of them are like planning Pan-India films with him”

Having gained unmatched success with Baahubali across India, Prabhas has been signed for multiple other Pan-India films already, like the untitled film opposite Deepika Padukone, Radheshyam opposite Pooja Hegde, Adipurush and his recently announced film Salaar.

The only Pan-India star to have announced 4 big Pan-India films back to back alongside other big names of the country, Prabhas has clearly given momentum to the trend of Pan-India films as producers can bet on the star for a film’s success in the entire country as a market without any doubt and rely on his commitment to his work.

He will be starring in various genre films for his upcoming projects like Mythology, Romantic drama, Sci-fi, and the unrevealed genre for Salaar.

The star who had recently wrapped the Italy schedule for Radheshyam will soon be shooting for his back to back lined up films and the country or rather the globe cannot wait for Prabhas to impress them and win hearts with his outstanding performances again.