Here’s what Trade Analyst Komal Nahta has to say about Bollywood’s careful steps towards a theatre release

With the ease of lockdown and lesser tension of the pandemic disease, work has been resumed keeping in mind, the new normal. While cinemas recently opened doors for audiences after a 9 month gap, the might Hollywood and Bollywood industries have their own approach for theatrical releases.

Komal Nahta posted this video recently, which throws light on lesser scaled releases in Bollywood. He says, “While Hollywood seems to have embraced the new normal and is releasing films theatrically in India, Bollywood seems to still be apprehensive, which explains the lack of new Hindi film releases in cinemas.” 3 Hollywood films have hit the cinema screens in India ever since the theatres reopened, Trolls World Tour, Peninsula, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. Wonder Woman 84 is all set to release in the US on 25th December, but the Indian audiences get to watch the film a day prior.

Bollywood has big buck films like 83′ and Sooryavanshi all set for release, no announcements have been made by the producers for a theatrical release. Giving reason to this thought, Komal Nahta shares, “There’s a basic difference between Hollywood studios and Bollywood producers: the former can take a risk because the amount of loss or reduction in profit would be minuscule in the total scheme of things, but the latter can’t dream of taking a risk which could result in unimaginable losses to them.”

The collections for much awaited Tenet have been fairly well in Indian theatres, but this analysis of Komal Nahta marks a realisation of the thought process of Bollywood Producers. While it has been a testing time due to the unprecedented pandemic, every industry is treading slowly towards normalcy in functioning with the new normal now. Nahta has put a valuable end to the argument of no interesting releases by Bollywood.