Gold Medallist, Swimming Champion, Zumba Instructor and Special Child – Rohit Sawant from Pune making India proud again!

After receiving love globally, Rohit once again decides to step in for India and its citizens. The ongoing pandemic has been a worrisome time for everyone in the country. People have started to help each other out in these tiring times, Rohit is no different. 29th April 2021 will see Rohit Sawant conducting a special Zumba session online for people across the country, the entry for the session shall be free for any and everyone. The donations made for the session by choice shall be funded to help patients suffering from Covid-19

Rohit is son of Mrunal and Rakesh Sawant – Special (MR with autism) – child aged 23 with mental age of around 13 years. He is a stage dance performer, a certified Zumba instructor, certified lifeguard, open sea and pool swimmer, volunteer for various social welfare programs for special children and a great fan of his idols Michael Phelps and Beto Perez (Creator and Founder of Zumba)

Rohit holds the Limca Book Record for 13 hours nonstop swimming. He was awarded the Zumba Passion Award 2015 in Orlando, USA. He also bagged the Gold medal at Special Olympic Bharat, Aquatic State Games Gold Medal in 2015, Mumbai for his swimming maverick. He has been congratulated & awarded by the Mayor of Pune for his undying spirit and achievement.

Rohit loves dancing, swimming, cycling, drawing, listening to music and playing cricket. He has a strong desire to serve the nation and society. He not only dreams but also believes that one day he would join The Indian Army. His fascination of joining the army is so strong that he behaves like a soldier and keeps busy drawing battle plans and chanting “Bharat Maata ki Jai”