EXCLUSIVE : Ritika Sharma Talks about Her recently released Single ‘Tere Naal’

Popular Bhojpuri Actress Ritika Sharma, who has worked with Top Actors of the Bhojpuri Industry recently moved towards doing Panjabi Videos which has been one of her dream areas. Sharma, who has done more than 15 regional films, recently released her single titled ‘Tere Naal’.

We got in touch with her to Talk about the same. Here are excerpts from our interview –

Can you describe what your new single is all about?

This song expresses my feelings that give much emphasis on the old and heartily relations rather than just shiny looking things or relations, it says that true love is where a person who loves you a lot rather than giving importance to the one whom you love

Was becoming an actor always your dream?

Yes it was and it is still, I still wish that I became an actress whom people love and like mainly because of my acting

We’ve heard that you’ve always been quite choosy about your projects because you don’t just want to add numbers but also do something relevant and meaningful, so what was it about this song that made you say yes to it?

I have been choosy about the work as I always want to do where I can perform well and I can be recognized, not just that a female role given for songs or dances or standing beside the Hero, If I get any opportunity in Bollywood, I would be ready to perform any challenging role doesn’t matter throughout the film or a smaller one but has to be powerful where the Audience can recognize me by that role.

You’ve worked with top Bhojpuri stars like Pawan Singh, Khesari Lal , and Prince Singh Rajpoot. How has the experience been?

The experience with all of them was really good, all have been very cooperative always and of course that’s the reason that I did songs/films with them.

Did you face any additional challenges during the shooting of this
song due to the covid restrictions?

Not really, I did only one Punjabi video and unfinished part of films for a couple of days after the pandemic, we took all possible precaution and finished the shoot.

Here’s wishing good luck to Ritika for all her Upcoming Projects