EXCLUSIVE : Aaman Trikha Talks about his New Single ‘Aadat’

In the times of the global pandemic, everybody’s life has come to standstill. But creativity has no boundaries and Aaman Trikha, an Indian playback singer proved it.

Aaman Trikha along with Lizaa Malik came out with their first song together amidst lockdown.  The song called ‘Aadat’ is sung by Aaman and Lizaa on their smartphones. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with us, Aaman shared his journey of recording the song at home and following all the rules and regulations of lockdown.

Aaman Trikha

Aaman shared, “ It was quite a unique experience and have never recorded a song like this before. Despite having my own set up I couldn’t go there and record. Everything is recorded at everybody’s respective homes and social distancing was maintained.”

Aaman’s video was shot by his younger brother Nitish on his phone at their rooftop.

singer aaman trikha with his brother nitish trikha
Aaman Trikha with his brother Nitish Trikha

“My brother did a commendable job I must say with whatever limited resources we had. Nobody can notice the difference that video, as well as the song both, are recorded at homes and not at the set and in studios. I’m glad that the video has struck the right chord with the audience. They’ve been loving it,” Aaman mentioned.

The song is about how relationships evolve these days and end on bad terms. Sometimes a person taking his life as well. Aaman tried to portray today’s harsh reality of relationships and how badly it affects people’s mental health.

Aaman shared a message, “Every person should act maturely in relationships and think beyond it. Ending one’s life is never a solution.”

The concept of the video is highly evident, featuring Karanveer Mehra, Lizaa Malik, and Aaman Trikha. The music was composed by Teenu Arora while lyrics have been given by Armaan. It is presented by Raaj Suri and Amandeep Singh and labeled by They See Records.

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