Deepika Padukone Becomes the Global Brand Ambassador For One Of World’S Most Iconic Brands

With Deepika Padukone’s fandom panning internationally it is only right for her to become the global brand ambassador for a fashion brand label that is best known since so many years.

The popular fashion brand is obsessed with making the perfect pair of jeans for women and Deepika is also best known for her fashion statements from time to time. This partnership will attract new generations of women consumers with quality and comfort in the name of denims.

Deepika Padukone shared, “Authenticity, Originality and Honesty are values that the brand has been built on and are values I identify with the most! For those unaware, I have always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of a girl. The right pair of jeans not only makes me feel comfortable but also confident!”

Deepika also expressed how she is absolutely honoured and delighted to be associating with one of the world’s most iconic brands.

Managing Director for the fashion brand shared,” We are absolutely thrilled. Deepika’s personality shines through a balance of being bold, authentic, true and uncompromising that perfectly fits with our brand values. She is not only a style icon but also an inspiration to the youth and women globally. With her on-board, we are confident of strengthening the brand further especially when we are strongly focusing on leading the women’s category.”

The actress is all set to take this collaboration a step ahead by bringing her fashionable A game. It is no secret that Deepika Padukone is renowned, popular and cherished a face in the industry. Her fans look up to her and get inspired by fashioned choices she makes, the actress has over these years collaborated with so many coveted brands being the face and ambassador.

Now, she takes on the role of a global brand ambassador for a brand that has aged well and yet manages to be the best when it comes to jeans!