Bhavana Pandey shares her story about meeting Bollywood stars.

Bhavana Pandey, the most loved wife from ‘Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives’ is enjoying the reaps of her sow. Being an outsider, Bhavana opened up on how she felt when meeting the bollywood stars for the first time.

Bhavana got introduced to the B – town when marrying Chunky Pandey, on this she shared, “So I was so conscious because I was entering this new world and there was suddenly all these film stars who I had been fans of and you know now I was being introduced as someone who was gonna get married to Chunky and they were really warm, really nice and so welcoming, and it was actually a beautiful experience”

She definitely had a warm start to her journey in this whole new world of stars for the first time. Fresh from winning the Iconic Retailor award, Bhavana seems on a career high. She is mother of two and makes sure to carry her home duties alongside her professional life.

What most people don’t know is that Bhavana had to work straight out of college and she had to work hard day and night to reach where she is. Her words bring to our attention the fact that how being an outsider it was difficult for her but yet she managed to make it work for her and reach new heights with her hard work and dedication.

The mother to Ananya Panday and wife of Chunky Pandey, emerged as the favourite with her grounded and relatable nature on the show. Let’s hope we can get more of her soon and that she is back with more inspiration for us!

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