VIDEO : Sushant Singh Rajput’s Fitness Trainer makes Shocking Revealations in a Sting Operation

sting operation sushant

Republic TV conducted a sting operation in Actor Sushant Singh Rajput‘s case. Sushant’s fitness trainer Samee Ahmad is seen making shocking revelations about actor’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty in the video. Ahmad, who has trained Sushant for 5 years, revealed in the video that Rhea never let anyone interfere in SSR’s depression medication. 

Samee Ahmad said that Sushant was very close to him and his mother. He said that Sushant called him 2 weeks before he committed suicide to offer him any kind of help after Singh learnt that Ahmad’s mother passed away. 

When the reporter asked him, ‘You’ve been with Sushant so what are these reports of him being depressed,’ replying to her his trainer said, “Things were pretty different actually when he started being with Rhea.”
Ahmad went on to reveal that Sushant spoke to him on June 1 after his mother passed away on May 29. He is further seen saying, “In fact, he even called me on the 1st of June, just like 2 weeks before he committed suicide. I lost my mom on May 29, so he called when he got to know and he told me if you need anything let me know. Take care of your father. He was very close to me and my mom.”
When asked further he revealed, “The medication that the doctor was giving… even before the medication, did he do any counselling session with Sushant? You need to do counselling therapies as well. If the doctor himself didn’t know about the counselling session, didn’t know the root cause of his depression, then how could he prescribe him a medicine?” He added, “It never happened through me because Rhea never used to allow me to get into that.” 

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