This is how Jacqueline Fernandez manages to strike balance in difficult situations

Popular bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez, with her versatile on screen performances has always been the favourite of the audiences. Apart from her on-screen performances, the audiences love and resonate a with her off screen aura and the actress radiates positivity wherever she goes.

In a recent interview with a leading magazine, the actress was asked the secret behind striking the right balance in life to which Jacqueline said, “It’s not as easy as it looks; there is a lot to cope with. You have to hold your tongue to keep from replying to silly questions and remarks. But it’s important to maintain a sense of calmness.”

Adding further on how the actress achieves it, Jacqueline adds, “I exercise and meditate. I understand that nothing is important enough to upset yourself with. Also, sometimes, things get blown out of proportion and become news.”

Unveiling a different side of the industry, the actress further adds, “We are also humans and it’s not possible to always be in a good mood. But we don’t get the freedom to express it. That’s why I prefer to stay calm and patient; it’s the best way to avoid controversy.”

Bollywood’s Miss Sunshine has always shared her ways to achieve life long happiness and shared her ways as to how she has set her boundaries within and she always has her ‘me time’ and meditates. Meditation allows her to get a hold of her emotions and change it by how she looks at it. The mantras the actress uses are quite simple. Once you impliment them in your life you can achieve what you want.

Jacqueline is however having a great 2020 with back to back song releases and also made her OTT debut with Mrs Serial Killer where her dark side was loved by all.

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