Sushant Singh Rajput’s Father KK Singh makes Shocking allegations against Rhea Chakraborty

rhea chakraborty

A new twist came to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case on Tuesday. Late actor’s father, K.K. Singh, reported an FIR at a police station in Patna. The FIR is registered against Sushant’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty, her mother, father brother, and 2 managers.

Sushant’s father put allegation on Rhea for provoking Sushant for suicide. K.K. Singh said that Sushant had no psychological issues before 2019, what suddenly happened after meeting Rhea? He also added that all those doctors who examined Sushant were also involved with Rhea in this conspiracy. He wants investigation for this as well.

K.K. Singh’s allegations as reported are: Firstly, before meeting Rhea his son had no issues, so what happened after meeting her? Secondly, if he was diagnosed with any problem and was under treatment, then why prior permission was taken from his family, as anybody under psychological treatment is depended on his family and family have the authority to make all the decisions required.

Following this, he also asked for the investigation of those doctors who treated Sushant as K.K. Singh feels they were also involved with Rhea. He questioned why Rhea left Sushant a week before with all his medical prescriptions and reports and was it right to leave him in such a delicate state?

Amongst many allegations, he also pointed out as to why Sushant stopped getting films right after Rhea came into his life as before that he was all in the limelight with big projects in hand.

His father in his FIR registered that 17crores are missing from Sushant’s bank account and this amount is transferred in the last one year.

Late actor’s father has asked to investigate all the things mentioned and wants justice for his too soon gone son.