Sushant Singh Rajput’s Close Associate Samuel Haokip FINALLY Breaks His Silence

Sushant Singh Rajput‘s untimely demise had left people in grief and they are finding it hard to believe even after a month and a half. A few days back, the late actor’s father KK Singh filed an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty and since then Bihar police is a part of the investigation.

Bihar police have recorded few statements from Sushant’s family or other people linked to the case. Many people have spoken about Sushant’s death.

However, Sushant’s former business associate and a good friend Samuel Haokip maintained silence about the death case. Now, in an interview with Times Now, Samual broke his silence and shared that till the time he was with Sushant in June 2019, the late actor never showed any signs of depression.

On being asked about his bond with Sushant, he said, “I stopped working with him in July, somewhere around June-July, 2019. So, I’m not aware of what really went wrong or what happened after that. However, till the time I was there, there wasn’t such a point where I could say he was kind of depressed because we used to have a really good time together. We had a small team and we used to swim together, play, sing and go for the shoots together.”

“There was never really a point where I could just pinpoint and say that he was a depressed person because he was very lively. You do get a little sad or upset sometimes due to things around you but that doesn’t mean you’re depressed,” said Samuel about Sushant’s depression theory.

Samuel wasn’t much aware of the medication Sushant was taking so he decided to not comment about it.

After Bihar police dug out Sushant’s financial data, it was seen that Rhea has spent a hefty amount of money from Sushant’s account. On asking about Sushant’s way of spending money, he said, “He was pretty balanced when it comes to financial decision making. He was not completely a conservative and he wasn’t completely living a lavish, lavish life.”

Samuel concluded saying he didn’t believe that Sushant can ever commit suicide.

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