Sunny Singh tells us the difficulties a stuntman braves and how he would like to portray one on-screen!

We all know that Sunny Singh, as an actor has always made the audiences laugh and has always been a elight to watch on-screen. Little did we know that he’s eager to do an action film titled “Life of a stuntman”. In a recent interview, the actor shares insights on what goes behind the scenes in a stuntman’s life and how he would love to portray it on-screen.

Sunny Singh said, “I think for 7-8 years when my dad would return from a shoot and he used to shoot day and night, at that point there would be 2-3 shifts. Hence, he used to come home after every 2-3 months.”

Adding more on how his father would return home, the actor added, “Sometimes, his hand would be injured and sometimes his back would be injured and I would be shocked. The moment you open the door, you’d see this first.”

Sharing more on an incident, Sunny futher adds, “I also remember this incident where my dad was at the doctor and he was getting stiches on his hand where he was injured and he’d tell the doctor, “Do fast I’ve to go for a shoot”

Adding on what the actor has on his mind Sunny adds, “This journey where one is handling the personal life too, it’s very difficult. You know stuntman going on the set doing a stunt then the stuntman gets hurt, nobody cares much. But when the stuntman goes home, only he knows the pain he going through and the places he’s been bruised but then he has to go to shoot the next day as well.”

The actor has, at a young age seen his dad nothing less than a hero braving all the bruises, cuts, and injuries and has shared a life lesson of no matter what you should keep going. These are the things that the actor would eagerly love to portray on the screen if ever he gets to do his dream film.

The actor was last seen in mom-com, Jai Mummy Di where the actor made the audiences laugh and then mde everyone dance on Holi with his song Holi Mein Rangeele. The audiences are eagerly waiting to see what’s next?

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