Steve Huff Exposed : Paranormal Expert is a Fraud, Claims old article

In an article shared by the founder of ITC Voices, Tim Woolworth, Steve Huff has been exposed. According to the article, Huff is a fraud and his sessions are fake. He uses interview audios of celebrities and adds them in his sessions to show his connection with the spirits. Woolworth mentioned different instances in his article about how Huff is a fraudster.

“Huff started by using a P-SB7 in graveyards like so many people in the field do. Eventually, he tried partnering up with various ghost box creators to get more recognition.” Woolworth mentioned. Huff also got his hand into the ITC software game.

Huff’s first project SCD-1 was a sham as investigated by well-versed programmers. It was found out that there were keywords and phrases relating to death and dying stuffed into its audio banks. There were glitches, customers were not getting unlock keys, and many other things which proved him fake.

Many published articles looked into his character, after what he was doing in the name of the ITC ghost box. There were articles with proof about his dealing in steroids and directing rape porn. Other than that, he also bought and resell camera and camera lenses ripping off people.

Later, he started doing celebrity sessions and uploaded videos on his YouTube channel where he showed himself conversing with the spirit of late celebrities. All the fans got emotionally attracted to huff’s videos and he made a fool of everyone.

In his recent video, he showed that he allegedly talked to Sushant Singh Rajput’s spirit but in reality, he added audio clips from old interviews of Sushant. By doing all these sessions, he earns money by selling the device which turnout a hoax later on.

Woolworth wrote, “This is a fraud, plain and simple.”

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