Sonu Sood Opens Up on Sushant Singh Rajput and Insiders-Outsider Debate

Many actors from the industry have expressed their thoughts on the ongoing Insiders-Outsiders debate. On the same, Sonu Sood spoke about it on India Today e-Mind Rocks 2020.


Sonu mentioned how he couldn’t believe the news at first and had to confirm it from a few people. Sonu and late actor Sushant Singh Rajput used to work out in the same gym.I can tell you that he was a very hardworking boy,” he said who have known Sushant from late actor’s television days.


Being proud of Sushant, the actor said, “When an outsider comes to the city and makes it big, it makes us very proud and gives every newcomer hope,” and continued, “But when something like this happens, it leaves all of us heartbroken.”


On being asked about his stand on the ongoing debate, he said, “The pressures are real. There are thousands of people who come to the city looking for work every day, but there are very few who get that big break. An outsider will always remain an outsider.” He shared his journey when he came to the city, and how he thought people’s approach towards him would be different. 


Sonu recounted, “I never got an entry into office. I realize in those first 6-8 months that is the journey is going to be tough. So the only thing I can tell outsiders coming into this industry is that come only if you have nerves of steel and don’t expect miracles to happen. Just because you look a certain way or have a good physique doesn’t mean somebody from a production house will spot you and cast you in their next film.


According to Sonu, star kids will always have easy access and feels the same for his children. “Tomorrow if my kids want to be in this industry, perhaps it will be easy for them,” he said.


Sonu feels that an outsider inspires everyone when he/she is finally making it in the industry. “When you are not actually from the industry, and you have made it big on your own, that’s when you set an example and inspire many others,” he said.

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