Siddharth Pithani reveals Details of a Night Before Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death

sushant rajput friend sidharth pithani

The news of Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death caused havoc in the country and left millions of his fans shattered. Nobody could believe it in the first instance. Everybody is still grieving over the death and want justice for their favorite actor.

Now, Sushant’s flatmate and creative content manager, Siddharth Pithani, has revealed details of a night before the late actor’s death. Siddharth earlier revealed that he met Sushant at 1 am the night before he took his life. In conversation with Times Now, Siddharth said that Sushant was in a very bad condition. He also added that the late actor got emotional that night.

Siddharth also told that Sushant called him to come to Mumbai in January and work with him. Siddharth was in Ahemdabad at that time. He further added, that Sushant’s health didn’t seem fine and his hands were shaky. Sushant was upset and told Siddharth that he feels he has no one.

As reported in India Today, Siddharth also told what happened before June 14. Siddharth told that he was living with Sushant during the lockdown period, and before the night of his death, he met Sushant at 1 am. Sushant was also tensed with his manager’s suicide, told Siddharth.

Sushant’s manager Disha Saliyan took her life on June 8.