Shekhar Kapur to Take Legal Action Against makers of ‘Mr. India’ remake

Director Ali Abbas Zafar’s announcement of remaking the classic film ‘Mr. India’ hasn’t gone down well with the people attached to the original film. After Anil Kapoor’s daughter, actress Sonam Kapoor slammed the makers for not informing Anil Kapoor or Shekhar Kapur about the remake, now, director Shekhar Kapur in a series of tweets has expressed his disappointment over the developments. Responding to a tweet by filmmaker Kunal Kohli, he hinted that he could take legal course.

Director Kunal Kohli on Saturday took to Twitter and wrote: “Javed Akhtar won a hard-fought battle for the rights of lyricists and writers. Its time we did the same?” Responding to Kohli’s tweet, Shekhar tweeted: “Yes. It’s time to test this legally… Let’s do it.”

Moreover, Shekhar on Sunday took to social media and posted late actor Amrish Puri’s still from “Mr India”, in which Puri played the popular villain Mogambo. Reacting on how Mogambo would have reacted to the news of the film’s remake if he was alive, Shekhar tweeted: “Kya Kaha? Mr India 2 ? Is duniya mein koi aur Mogambo bhi hai?”

Shekhar also found it disrespectful for the new makers for not given him the “creative rights” for the remake.

“We sit with writers from day one, but are not the writers. Help actors hone performances but are not actors. Develop and create visual language of film. Slave hours over editing consoles. Directors lead and inspire every aspect of a film and have no creative rights? #MrIndia,” Shekhar added.

Earlier this week Ali Abbas Zafar had announced the remake of the iconic Hindi film.

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