Sanjana Sanghi Opens Up on Kangana Ranaut’s allegations Against Her

sanjana sanghi on kangana ranaut

Dil Bechara actress Sanjana Sanghi was questioned by Kangana Ranaut about her delayed clarification on alleged Me Too allegations on the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Also, about why she never talked about his friendship with him when he was alive?

Sanjana finally broke her silence and reacted to it. In conversation with Zoom, Sanjana said that nobody has any authority to judge how instant her response was. “I have said more than enough about what happened. Also, I’ve given a clarification which should have been enough. At that time, it wasn’t late, nobody is in authority to decide what’s late and what’s not. You don’t fuel rumours. It is not the responsibility or job to clarify rumours,” she said. 

Sanjana asked that people should not disregard the #MeToo movement by calling the rumor ‘Me Too’ because #MeToo movement is when actual something has happened. Late actor Sushant and Sanjana, both have cleared it out back in 2018 when rumor was spreading. Sushant was accused of misbehaving with Dil Bechara actress Sanjana on the sets.

Sanjana too had clarified in a tweet back then saying, “I’d like to clarify that no such incident took place with me. Let’s put an end to these conjectures.”

Sanjana was a student of journalism at Delhi University and concluded, “I am a student of journalism, I’ve studied at Delhi University and that’s not the journalism I was taught. So, I don’t see it as the Me Too movement. For me, apparently getting late in giving clarification for rumours, but I did it still because it was important for us, Sushant and me.”

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