Popular Singer Neha Kakkar QUITS Social Media

neha kakkar quits twitter

In last few days, handful of celebrities have quit social media citing ‘negativity and abuse’ by trolls and on Monday, Popular singer Neha Kakkar too joined the list. In an Instagram post, Neha wrote that she had decided to be off social media for a few days.

“Going back to sleep! Plz wake me up when there’s a better world. The world where there’s freedom, love, respect, care, fun, acceptance, good people. Not hatred, nepotism, jealousy, bossy people, hitlers, murders, suicides, bad people. Good night! Don’t worry I’m not dying. Lol! Just going away for a couple of days,” she posted on Instagram.

Neha apologised to her whopping 39.6 millions follower base for taking this step, but added that the circumstances have made her decide it.

“I’m sorry if this makes anybody feel bad! But this is what I have been feeling since a long, long time but not able to say it, just trying my best to be happy but not really happening. I’m a human being and that too a very emotional one. So.. Yeh Sab.. It hurts me,” the ‘Manali’ trance singer captioned her post.

Among the other stars who have quit or deactivated their accounts are Sonakshi Sinha, Shashank Khaitan, Saqib Saleem, Aayush Sharma and ‘Notebook’ actor Zaheer Iqbal.